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AMSA (Asian Medical Students' Association) Universitas Muslim Indonesia is a non-political, non-sectarian, and non-profit external organizations in Faculty of Medicine of Universitas Muslim Indonesia. AMSA UMI is an official member of AMSA Indonesia, which is also an official member of AMSA International.

AMSA UMI was officially incorporated on 4 September 2004. AMSA UMI's activity based on three philosophy of AMSA Indonesia and AMSA International, which is: Knowledge, Action, and Friendship. But, AMSA UMI has added Religious to the philosophy of AMSA UMI itself, given the Universitas Muslim Indonesia is a Muslim university. AMSA UMI's structure organization more or less the same as other universities, chaired by a Representative, and managed by General Secretary and Treasurer as well as its subordinate divisions such as Internal Affair, External Affair, Finance Department, Academic Team, Community Outreach, and Publication and Promotion





Knowledge. We promote scientific activity to increase and expand our knowledge to become qualified medical professionals in the future.

Action. As medical students, we are concerned to the community around us and try to do something for the benefit and improvement of our community.

Friendship. As future doctors, we're trying to build and maintain a good relationship among our counterparts around Asia-Oceania.


Religious. Because we are muslim university so we also add it as our philosophy.







AB(n)Advisory Board responsible to supervise the management of AMSA-UMI for a year stewardship and provide advice to the Executive Board of AMSA-UMI.


Representative(n). Representative is the highest position in the Executive Board's structure of AMSA-UMI and responsible to coordinate all elements of Executive Board. Representative act as representative as to AMSA-Indonesia and also responsible to establish a relationship with the various parties associated wirh AMSA-UMI

General Secretary(n). General secretary acts as the vice representative, and will replace the representative if he / she unable to attend an event. General secretary is also responsible for managing all incoming and outgoing organization's letter.

Treasurer(n). Treasurer served to set finance and make expenditure budget plan of AMSA-UMI.

Academic(n). Division of Academic have a role to train academic's skill for all AMSA UMI's member and a right place for competitor's who want to join competition occasion

EB of Finance and vice (n). Division of Finance served a variety of Merchandise as identity of members, provide bazaar to strengthen relationship among member. Which all of that with purpose to increase financial of AMSA-UMI.

EB of Community Outreach and vice (n). Division of community outreach served to increase the public awareness in humanism activities through targeted community interaction. This division is designed to educate members of AMSA-UMI to help and encourage to make a process of self-empowerment for the benefit of society.

EB of Publication n Promotion and vice (n). Division of Publication and Promotion served to publicise all the activities and the latest information and events of AMSA-UMI and promote AMSA-UMI through certain medias.

EB Internal Affair and vice (n). Internal affair responsible to formulate the requirements for membership and their administration of AMSA-UMI. This division also responsible to help representative to manage administration of policy regulations, collect all database about alumni of AMSA-UMI, and maintain relation between members of AMSA- UMI.

EB of External Affair and vice (n). External Affair served to choose the participants who will be delegates at the national event, this division also responsible with everything related with AMSEP and build relationship with other organizations.