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2015, 17 April | 0 Comments

Dear people of tommorow,

District 6 AMSA-Indonesia [AMSA-Unhas, UMI, Unismuh, UHO, Untad] in collaboration with AMDA (The Association of Medical Doctors of Asia) proudly present:


~Project& Event of The Year 2015~


Remember when you were a baby? All your nutrition depended on the grown-ups that took care of you. And only a few of them really understand the massive impact that nutrition holds for the future of the baby. Through this event, we will show our care for babies out there who cannot get their best nutrition every day, and inform their mom's how the nutrion can change their baby's future. 


April, 25th 2015 

at Kampung Kaccia, Kelurahan Barombong, Kecamatan Tamalate, Makassar


BABY "be Healthy, be Lovely!" 



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