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A message from Representative of AMSA-UMI period 2015/2016

2016, 9 August | 0 Comments

 Dear Colleagues,

As all of you know, August is my last month serving as a Representative of AMSA-UMI Period 2015/2016.  This one year of service has truly been some of the most meaningful and enjoyable years of my life. I am grateful to have had this opportunity to accomplish our interesting commitments, vision and missions established a year ago, alongside by working closely with all smartest and nicest team members. I thank everyone with whom I have had the pleasure of working with during my tenure as a representative.   Frankly I have to say, I was so lucky that I worked with these passion and amazing team member.
My deepest and sincere appreciation to Dean and Deputy Dean Medical Faculty UMI for their endless support and advice that enable AMSA-UMI Period 2015/2016 made a lot of achievements.
A very big thank you for all seniors AMSA-UMI, since day one I expressed my willingness to become a candidate of representative have provided full support to me.  They whom all were never hesitate to listen, advice, and support given their tight daily schedule with their main responsibility as a doctor or senior medical students.
I would like to thank all my beloved team members and all medical students for believing in my capabilities, for your dedication, enthusiasm and for your continuous endless support. Again, it has been a privilege to work with all of you who are so passionate about addressing medical challenges and helping communities.
To my successor, the new Representative of AMSA-UMI Period 2016/2017, congratulate on your position, wishing you every success in your new roles.  I wish you will make AMSA-UMI better with many great achievements in coming years.
With love,
Erza Alifianda
Advisory Board of AMSA-UMI 2016/2017


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