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[Open Submission] Executive Board AMSA-Indonesia 2014/2015

2014, 16 June | 0 Comments

Forward from RC AMSA-Indonesia 2014/2015 (Mailing List) :
"I officially opened the opportunity to sign up to be a contributor to AMSA-Indonesia through the Executive Board positions. All the details of the requirements, job descriptions, and file formats completeness I have included in this attachments
Let us together make AMSA-Indonesia getting better. 
Let us fight together to the betterment of AMSA-Indonesia, 
Viva AMSA!
I'm waiting for your best contribution, your best form, and your best commitment."
Abdi Marang Gusti Alhaq 
Regional Chairperson of AMSA-Indonesia 2014-2015 
Faculty of Medicine 2012 
Gadjah Mada University
Hereby, we make an easy way for AMSA-UMI member who wants to apply as Executive Board AMSA-Indonesia 2014/2015.
You can find the attachments here, or open AMSA-Indonesia's mailing list.
Thank you.


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