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[OPEN SUBMISSION] Representative Candidate AMSA-UMI 2016/2017

2016, 14 July | 0 Comments

Assalamualaikum wr. Wb.

Dear people of tomorrow,


As we get closer to the end-tenure of AMSA-UMI 2015/2016 representative along with its entire Executive Board, we are now ready to welcome our family members who wants to dedicate his/her time to work and to serve AMSA-UMI for period 2016/2017.


With this post, we officially opened the OPEN RECRUITMENT of REPRESENTATIVE for AMSA – UMI 2016/2017. 


Download and complete the Application Form and Motivation Letter on "HERE"


The application will be opened until Friday, 29 July 2016.


As an Election Board Team, we have high hopes that we can use strong foundation and milestones achieved by current and previous AMSA-UMI representatives to make this organization sustainable and excellent organization in local, national or even international.


Believe us, there will be a lot of opportunities and lessons that you can gather from this organization.

We can't wait for your participation in this opportunities, so do register now.

Brave yourself to make a change for contributing more in AMSA-UMI. Take a chance to live, to serve, and to work hand in hand for a better AMSA-UMI.


For further inquiries, please contact Election Board Team:


Erza Alifianda


Line : erzalifianda


Nur Atikah H.P


Line : atikah_nahp


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