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[Delegation Selection] Munas 2014

2014, 11 May | 0 Comments

Assalamu Alaikum, people of tomorrow.

AMSA Unsyiah proudly present Musyawarah Nasional AMSA Indonesia 2014 in Aceh on June, 6-8th 2014.

Registration of Munas 2014 has already been opened.

Early Regist : May, 8-13rd 2014

Late Regist : May, 15-20th 2014

For those AMSA UMI member that wants to join in this event should download and complete the formulir and motivation letter for "Delegation Selection" before May, 14th 2014 at 23.59 WITA.

And the announcement of "Delegation Selection" will be published after we choose which deserves to be delegates of Musyawarah Nasional AMSA Indonesia 2014 in Aceh.

For more information about Munas 2014 kindly open Mailing List of AMSA Indonesia.


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