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2017, 24 January ​

Astrocyte I : World Aids Day!

2016, 13 December ​

AMSA-UMI wants to be a part of people who wants to increase awareness that ODHA is not danger, they are same like us! And to prevent HIV/AIDS, we held
Erza Alifianda's tenure is well done! Now, it's your turn, Muh. Nur Anshari Syakir and his entire team to continue what last tenure have done and do it better
CADAS (Care and Disease Prevention AMSA-UMI Sociliazation) is one of Work Program from Community Outreach and the flagship work of AMSA-UMI this tenure that had been presented on RAKERNAS
MUTATION (Medical Student Debate Competition) is an annual event from AMSA-UMI, in this event we held debate competition between medical students in Medicine Faculty of UMI and the winner
The event held on Saturday 16 August 2014 at Aula Aisyah FK UMI, this event officially to start AMSA-UMI 2014/2015 tenure. The event was attended by Lecturer in Charge