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world disability day (WDD) AMSA-UMI 2014

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On December 20, 2014, AMSA UMI along with SLB Pembina Tingkat PropinsiSulsel celebrated International Day of Persons with Disabilities (IDPWD).

 The theme for this celebration was 'Extraordinary Child Ready for Fly” or abbreviated with X-Ray.

All activities were carried out around compound of SLB Pembina Tingkat PropinsiSulselat Jl. Daengtata, KelurahanParangTambung, KecamatanTamalatea Makassar.  Activities were commenced by  opening remarks by event chairman of AMSA UMI representative year 2014-205 and representative of SLB Pembina, and then followed by introduction by each individual student of SLB Pembina and other participants.

In addition to be attended by member of AMSA UMI, students and teachers of SLB Pembina, this event also attended by parents of the students.

The introduction was then followed by an educative video presentation, and culminated with playing games and puzzles with the children.

The event was also completed with awareness for the parents  to increase an understanding of disability issues, equality,andimportance of the rights of people with disabilities.  It also aimed to improve capacity for the parents to prove to their disabled children that there are many things they can still do, despite their conditions, which can help with their self-esteem and avoid mental issues such as depression from plaguing them. Indeed there is ability in disability and I do encourage we look into their positive assets and nurture it.  These children are beautiful and should get all the necessary help to enable them reach their potential.


AMSA UMI expect to  celebrate World Disability day every year, with great passion and happiness.


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