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Assalamualaikkum Wr. Wb.


Dear people of tomorrow


Perfectionism is not about healthy achievement and growth, because your spirit is the true S.H.I.E.L.D-Sharing Happiness, Inspiring, Exploring, Learning and Discovering- !!!


Yesterday, the last day in July 2016 AMSA-Universitas Muslim Indonesia Batch Xlll presented welcoming party at eye and skin center Jln. W. Monginsidi No.126 with the theme AGENT-AMSA’s Glory Event  by 13th-


This event we enjoyed with our seniors in AMSA-UMI, our guest from AMSA-Hasanuddin University, AMSA-University of Muhammadiyah, and chairman from another BSO in Medical Faculty of Universitas Muslim Indonesia. Event started at 3 pm with opening ceremony including speech of commite chairman : Asho Suriadi, Representative of AMSA-UMI : Erza Alifianda, vice chairman executive board medical faculty of Universitas Muslim Indonesia, and the first vice chairman dean medical faculty of Muslim University of Indonesia : Dr. dr. H. Nasrudin A.M. Sp.OG.


After opening ceremony, we enjoyed the spectacular show from Batch XIII. That  performance is acoustic with gold voice, traditional dance, spectacular boy band dancin show, and the last is story telling with the theme “Descendent Of The Sun”. Of course before traditional dance we sing a song AMSA song and eat delicous lunch togather. After spectacular show, we take a pictures together. 


We say welcome to our family AMSA-UMI batch XIII. Keep your spirit! Keep your Loyalty! Good Luck and Godspeed!


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