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IMSTC (Indonesian Medical Student's Training & Competition) in 2017 is in sight. In order to welcome IMSTC 2017, AMSA-UMI is hosting an event called TRIPTOFAN (Training In Making Poster, Video, and Scientific Paper) entitled "Talents Exploration to Achieve The Bright Future of AMSA's Friendship and Scientific". The event which is promoted by the Academic And Research division will be conducted for two days on December 18, 2016 which is located on Jl. A.P. Pettarani No. 10, Makassar and on December 25, 2016 which is located on Jl. Landak Lama No. 33, Makassar.

This event titled training for AMSA UMI members in preparing IMSTC 2017. This training helps AMSA UMI members in making works such as posters, video, and scientific papers that correspond with the theme of this year's IMSTC MASQURADE "Maximizing Service Quality in Health Departements". After the expiration of this event it is expected that AMSA UMI members can submit their best works so that it can compete with the work of AMSA of other universities in the prestigious event.

For the first day of the event, four materials will bepresented. The materials are about the poster, video, scientific paper, and photography. The speakers on the first Triptofan meeting, namely:

1. Muh. Zuhal Dervish who will bring the material of scientific papers
2. Dewinsya Medisujiannisa who will bring the material about photography.

3. Dian Hariati who will bring the material about poster

4. Nurhikma who will bring the material of Videography.

While on Triptofan Day-2, two materials will be presented, namely:

1. Rezky Fahnisa, S.Ked who will bring the material of Videography

2. Alfina Alfiani, S.Ked who will bring the material about poster.

This event would not be successful and provide benefits without AMSA-UMI senior members who have been willing to make the time to share knowledge with us. May the best outcomes for the work - the work of AMSA-UMI in the event IMSTC 2017 Hosted by AMSA-UPH


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