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Last year, we had an event Medical Explore Japan that visit Tsukuba University Japan and on last 15-17 January 2015, TIMSA (Tsukuba International Medical Students’ Asociation)/Tsukuba University Japan had a chance to visit us, they are Kimura Hitomi and Taniguchi Yuta. They came to Makassar after attending annual meeting of AMSA-International 28th EAMSC in Jakarta.

They arrived in Makkasar on 15 January 2015 20.45WITA. After pick up them, we had a late dinner in Mie Titi Perintis, one of Makassar favorite culinary place. After had a late dinner, we were heading to one of our member’s house to had sharing each other and had a rest.

On 16 January 2015 08.00 WITA, we were going to our rectorate building with Yuta and Hitomi for had a meeting with our 1st Vice Dean, 2nd Vice Dean and 3rd Vice Dean, they also had a chance to meet with students’ parents and our 5th Vice Rector accompanied by our 1st Vice Dean. After that, they are visiting our college facilities such as PBL room, anatomy laboratory, library, CBT room, and directly watching OSCE GEH System in CSL room. On afternoon, we had lunch together in Apong Seafood Restaurant. After lunch, we had General Discussion that attended by our 1st Vice Dean, 2nd Vice Dean, 3rd Vice Dean, 4th Vce Dean and also FK UMI students’. On genereal Disucssion, we presented our college profiles and also they had a chance to presented their college profile Tsukuba Univeristy. On the last discussion, we had provision and installation of souvenirs to Yuta (Jas Tutup) and Hitomi (Baju Bodo). After general discussion, they visited Ibnu Sina Hospital accompanied by our 1st Vice Dean and Vice Director Education Section of Ibnu Sina Hospital. On the night, they had a chance to show their bon’oduri dance and interview on Malas Silaturahim FK UMI 2014 in Clarion Hotel. After that, we let them try Pisang epe’ in Losari beach.

On 17 January 2015, we had a breakfast on Nasi Kuning Riburane with TIMSA and our 1st Vice Dean. After that, we are heading to Fort Rotterdam one of historical place in Makassar. Then we had a lunch together on Phinisi Restayrant Gapura Hotel. After that, we are going to Trans Mall and had a trip to Leang-leang Maros. On early night we were heading to Airport with TIMSA. For Yuta and Hitomi thanks for visit us, this was such a precious moment with you all.






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