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IMSTC (Indonesia Medical Students Training and Competition) AMSA-Indonesia 2015

From 2015-02-28 To 2015-03-01 | 0 Comments

IMSTC (Indonesia Medical Students Training and Competition) is an annual agenda of AMSA-Indonesia that attended by members of AMSA-Indonesia that divided into AMSA Universites. In this year, IMSTC hosted by AMSA-Unhas (Universitas Hasanuddin) Makassar on February 28th- March 1st 2015.  On IMSTC we celebrate AMSA-International Day.

The theme on this IMSTC was Geriatric Meidicine-Multidisplinary Approach “Caring for Elderly, Youth Responsibility”. There were a lot of agenda on this IMSTC such as National Symposium, Traning & Workshop, Competition, AMSA-International Time, Food Festival, Cultural Booth, Social Act, etc.

On this event we sent 11 delegates, they were Muh. Auliarahman (Representative), Diva Reyanaldi (General Delegate), Nurul Hikmah (General Delegate), A. Nuralby (RNA Team), Gita Wulandari (AEC), Auliya Ananda (Academic Team), Andi Purnamasari (Video Finalist), Irwan Munandar (Video Finalist), Rezky Fahnisa (Video Finalist), Alfina Alfiani (Poster Finalist), and Aliatunnisa (Poster Finalist).

The event was opened by Dean of Meidicine Faculty of Hasanuddin University on Welcoming Party agenda (28/3) at Hasanuddin University Hospital.

On second day, the agenda was started with Training & Workshop. The material of training were poster, video and photography. After the training’s material presented, we were divided into some groups which comination of several AMSA universities to make a poster as workshop agenda. Then the second agenda on the day was AMSA-International time by Garda Widhi and Ahmad Aulia as Executive Committee AMSA-International. And as closed agenda on the day was Food Festival on Gedung Mulo Makassar, the participants was served a lot of Makassar’s Traditional Food such as ie Mie Kering, Songkolo, Barongko, etc. and also there were some traditional dance performance.

On third day, the agenda was started with National Symposium by theme Geriatric Meidicine-Multidisplinary Approach. The second agenda on the day was Competition, on this agenda the finalists of each competition presented their works. The competition were Scientific Paper, Public Poster, Scientific poster, Video, and Photography. On this competition, we sent 1 finalist on Video and 1 finalist on public poster. The last agenda on the day was Farewell Party and Cultural Booth, on this agenda there were Booth Districts. Every district made a booth and served their traditional/cultural own city. There also performance by each district about their cultural.

And the closing agenda on this event was Social Act in Fort Rotterdam Makassar. There are a lot of knowledge, friendship, and action experiences gained on this event. VIVA AMSA!  


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