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HEPAR part 2

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HEPAR (Health, Education, Prevention, and Raising Nutrition) part 2 from Asian Medical Students' Assosiation Universitas Muslim Indonesia which will be held on Sunday, March 20th 2016 at Kampung Savanah with a theme "Know The Symptoms, Prevent Typhoid, Raise Nutrition".


In order to increase concern for street children in terms of health, education, and improved nutrition, so we are from AMSA-UMI proudly presents 2nd HEPAR (Health, Education, Prevention, and Raising Nutrition) 2015 : 



AMSA-UMI itself is a non-profit organization has philosophies that are action, knowledge, friendship, and religion which the members medical students of medical faculty of UMI. This event programmed 4 times or once in 2 months on this tenure and we will be copertaed with Kampung Savanah. Life with all its limitations, rickety shacks, there is no source of clean water, electricity passengers at the nearest residential homes, children drop out of school and parents must participate scavenged. That glimpse of the condition of the Kampung Savanah. In Kampung Savanah, there are some volounteers from college students in Makassar as channeling aid from the public and to assist the education of children who drop out of school environment. That's why we cooperate with the volounteers of Kampung Savana on holding HEPAR. 


The opening of the event was in Little Class in Kampung Savanah from 08.30am. There are about 30 children, 3 volounteers and also members of AMSA-UMI participate in this event. After opening agenda, our member of AMSA-UMI do worming disease counseling to children and also assisted by volounteers of kampung savanah. Children were very enthusiastic in receiving materials from committee and volounteers of kampung savana.


 To liven up the atmosphere, children directed to the field after the counseling to do games hand washing socialization. Children that won the games got some gifts from committee. Last agenda of the event were distribution of dairy and snacks to children and family around. After the event, we do discussion and sharing with the volounteers of Kampung Savana. We hope that we will keep the cooperation in build up the spirit of children of Kampung Savana.






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