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EOTY : ADHD I'm not a Monster

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World Dissability Day and Event Of The Year from Asian Medical Students Assosiated Universitar Muslim Indonesia which will be held on Sunday, December 13th 2015 at Rumah Sekolah Cendekia at Bontotanga Street, Aeropala Recidence, Paccinongang, Somba Opu, Gowa, with an ADHD theme: I'm not a monster. AMSA UMI itself is a non-profit organization has philosophies that are action, knowledge, friendship, and religion which the members medical students of medical faculty of UMI.


The purpose of conducting this event is giving information to parents of those kids with AHDH illness about how to take care and treat the kids. This event has a role for AMSA UMI to help the parents how to take care and treat the ADHD, which is one of the philosophies of AMSA-UMI that is action. This event started from 09.00 in the morning until 13.00 at noon. The event went very well and full of joy from the kids. The event consist of elucidation from house to house about ADHD also urge the parents to join a health seminar and games for kids.


The health seminar which will be held at Cendekia school after the elucidation, and the informant is an expert about kids, especially ADHD kids, she is Dr.dr.Hj. Saidah Syamsuddin, Sp, Kj (K), this seminar was attended by the principal of Rumah Sekolah Cendekia, teachers, parents of ADHD kids and  the society. This seminar gave information about kids with ADHD illness and how to treat them also orientation about the nutrition value and socialisation about the medicines dose that will be given to the ADHD kids. There are also games for the kids and singing contest also sharing about the value of mother.


The event was ended by handing some tokens to Rumah Sekolah Cendekia's Principal and giving the prizes for the games winners and eating together. This event was full of joy and fun. A warm greet from us, love them, we are all the same.


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