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Action And Caring Nutrition For Great Healthy Nation

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National Health Day is celebrated on 12th November every year. This years the 51th National Health Day. Great country is the country that maintain and care about health. National Health Day along with AMSA-Indonesia from AMSA-UMI proudly presents "National Health Day", -Action And Caring Nutrition For Great Healthy Nation-. Therefore, AMSA-UMI implement the action spread the messages on the importance of a cleaner and healthier lifestyle and also support the official theme of HKN this year which is "Be Healthy My Nation and Be Healthy My Country". This great action was held on Sunday 15th November 2015 at Abdullah Dg. Sirua aisle 12.


The purpose of this event is to give more about health to citizen as the fundamental of developing the nation ,also it's an action of AMSA UMI to society. The  51 th National Health Day event held by AMSA UMI from 07.00 AM until 12.00 In the noon. The citizen excited and get involved to success the event . The event such as medical check up, health campaign ,and games ,also sharing a healthy food to near citizen. 


Free medical check up on civilian, such as glucose test, and a nutrition counseling "well-balanced nutrition " done by AMSA UMI members. This counseling give information to citizen about how important a healthy food which contained well-balanced nutrition . A healthy food refers to foods that contained carbohydrate, protein, fat, vitamins, and mineral which important to keep health also growth and development of childrens. With well-balanced nutrition, body will have enough energy and substance which needed by to achieve a healthy, bright and productive life, especially to children as the hope and future of nation.


This activity taked with excited and cheerfulness because we have a some games for children. And this action was covered by the distribution of healthy food and prize games for citizens.


Be health :)




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