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ARHE District 6

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AMSA-Indonesia's District 6 [AMSA-UMI, Unhas, Unismuh, UHO, Untad, Unpatti, Unisa, Unsrat] presents ARHE : Adolescent & Reproductive Health Education


This event programmed from AMSA-International for AMSA-Indonesia and specifically for AMSA-District 6 to do this event.


AMSA UMI is member of district 6 AMSA-Indonesia along with AMSA- University of Hasanuddin (Makassar), University of Muhammadiyah (Makassar), University of Pattimura (Ambon), University of Sam Ratulangi (Manado), University of Haluoleo (Kendari), University of Tadulako (Palu), and University of Al-Khairat (Palu).


This program based on philosophy of AMSA which is action, knowladge, and friendship. In this event we had sosialization about reproduction with junior high school students and high school students in Malino. That school is SMPN 1 Tinggi Moncong and SMAN 2 Tinggi Moncong.


This event started with sosialization about reproduction and we did some pretes for students. And then there are also games for students. After that, we had a gathering in Makassar with member District 6. 

This event was ended by full of fun and happiness like what our friends from district 6 say "You are my brother and sister from another mother".

 And hopefully this activity can be beneficial for students and AMSA-Indonesia District 6 also can always provide the best for the community.




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