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A Precious Nine to Raise Awareness

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On last September 4th 2014, AMSA Muslim University of Indonesia already get into their 9th Anniversary.

On this 9th years, we hope from all members still keep gaining the knowledge, do action, build friendship, and strengthening religious values in this organization.

Unfortunately, this year our 9th anniversary coincide with post-semester holiday. Thus we programme to celebrate in second week new semester.

The event was held on Sunday, 11th October 2015. First we did social act from 07.00am-10.00am in Anjungan Losari Beach and we celebrated the main event from 19.00pm-end in RM. New Cobek Cobek by theme APPRECIATES "A Precious Nine to Raise Awareness ". In this event we invite our 3rd Vice Dean of Medicine Faculty of UMI, Lecture in Charge, Executive Board of FK UMI, and also all members from Batch I-Xll. We also invite PMI to cooperate in blood donation.

Firstly, the event was Blood Donation in Anjungan Losari Beach. In this agenda, we cooperate with PMI Makassar to make a stand-stage in Anjungan Losari Beach. We got some blood-donors from community and also from AMSA-UMI’s members.

Secondly, we move to RM. New Cobek Cobek to held the next agenda. The agenda was opened by recitle basmalah then holy Qur'an, after that we please to chief of committee to deliver his report and also Representative, Lecturer in Charge, to deliver their welcome speech. And last welcome speech by 1st vice dean coupled with cutting the birthday cake with all members.

After opening agenda, we were having brunch with all members and invited guests that have been served by committee. While brunch, there were some performance by members and also games that had been planned by committee.

At the end agenda, we’re taking photo together by all members and also invited guests before closing agenda.

By this event there some positive values that can be gained from all members and also for our organization. We can fight for betterment for AMSA, especially for our beloved AMSA-UMI.



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